Strategic Planning Facilitation for the Nonprofit Organization

Does your organization have a clear vision for the future?

If not, it is probably not remaining true to its mission. Don’t wait until a crisis arises to plan properly for your organization. Nonprofits require strong, dynamic strategic plans to help guide them through the challenges they face.


Dependency on volunteers necessitates the framework provided by a well written document that assures success in day to day operations, as well as setting relevant and realistic parameters for growth to meet strategic, long term goals. Carlisle Strategic Consulting can lead you through a process that moves your ideas to action.

About Carlisle Strategic Consulting

Do you have lots of great ideas that never seem to get implemented?

Nancy Bruns, principal facilitator, has been on both sides of the process numerous times. She knows what works. She understands that nonprofit boards don’t have a lot of extra time or money to devote to long term planning. She has streamlined her system to be very effective, productive and cost efficient. The Carlisle model helps to quickly identify critical issues and develops strategic goals to help the organization achieve its vision.


As the comprehensive plan emerges a clear map for the future develops that sets the correct course for the nonprofit. Carlisle’s fee structure is considerably lower than our peers. 100% of the operational profit is donated to organizations that promote excellence in education for children of all ages. By hiring Carlisle Strategic Consulting you are not only making a good decision for your organization but you are helping other nonprofits!

Why You Should Hire Carlisle Strategic Consulting

Does your organization have a 3 to 5 year strategic plan in place that is being followed and is felt to be an effective guide?

An objective person, who doesn’t have the history and emotional attachment to the organization, is a valuable asset in the strategic planning phase. Our customized process allows for healthy, important, and sometime sensitive discussions to occur in an atmosphere that guides the group to a functional end.



A skilled facilitator keeps the group focused on the project at hand. Someone who is deeply involved, such as the executive director or board chair, needs to be an active participant in the process, not the leader of the process.

What Clients
are Saying

“My sense is that a consultant needs to be skilled at understanding systems and how they work while at the same time being sensitive to the people who make up those systems.  As she led the 20/20 Visioning Team at the First Presbyterian Church, Nancy Bruns excelled in both arenas and quite simply made all the difference in the success of the visioning process.”

--Rev. Dr. Lee Bowman, Pastor, First Presbyterian Church of Highlands

She is a natural leader and is able to visualize what needs to be done, then goes about getting it done in a professional, efficient and effective manner. Nancy led a successful strategic planning process which outlined for all the stakeholders at Summit the course the school should take as they planned to build a permanent facility. ”

--Dr. Pat Ingraham, former Director, Summit Charter School

“In well over 25 years of executive leadership in the media industry and as a community volunteer leader, it has been my good fortune to participate in a significant number of high quality long range planning/visioning processes. And, I can say, without equivocation, that the talent, gentle humor and determination that she brought to last summer’s work meets or exceeds any that I’ve experienced during my career. She is, indeed, the consummate professional in every respect.”

--Tim Hughes, former executive with Cox Enterprises